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LG,Sony,Samsung,Sanyo,Panasonic 18650 battery 100% original battery cell

100% Original Brand 18650 battery cell

High Quality with excellent performance

Widly usage, such as flashlight, e-cigarette, medical equipment

Product introduction:

We can offer  such as LG,Sony,Samsung,Sanyo,Panasonic 18650 battery, 100% original battery cell

LG 18650 battery:

LG HE2 2500mah 20A

LG HE4 2500mah 20A

LG HG2 3000mah 20A

Sony 18650 battery:

Sony VTC5 2600mah 30A

Sony VTC6 3000mah 30A

Sony VTC4 2100mah 30A

Samsung 18650 battery:

Samsung 30B 3000mah 5A

Samsung 22PM 2200mah 10A

Samsung 26FM 2600mah 5A

Samsung 25R 2500mah 20A

Samsung 30Q 3000mah 15A

Sanyo 18650 battery:

Sanyo GA 3500mah 10A

Sanyo BF 3400mah 4A

Sanyo ZY 2500mah 5A

Panasonic 18650 battery:

Panasonic PF 2900mah 10A

Panasonic B 3400mah 4A

Panasonic BE 3200mah 3A

Panasonic A 3100mah 3A

Just need let us know which brand and capacity you need, then we can give you the best services!