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Hunan Auk New Energy Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-731-82807935
Fax: +86-731-82807931
Email: info@aukpower.com

Add: 21F, Yashang Building 1, No.66 Zhongyi Road, Yuhua District, Changsha,Hunan,China 410004

Job Requirements:
1.Our company is looking for motivated people aged below 29 (Graduates or with work experience is a plus)
2. Basic computer skills are required (English typing speed of 160 characters/min)
3.Passed CET6 or above this or equivalent level (Written expression should be clear,allowing customers correct understanding,and speaking aspect is not required)
4.Have an interest in sales,you are confident,can bear a certain of stress,you need to be serious,careful,pragmatic and responsible for what you do and staying the course
5.Excellent communication skills,good at thinking,summarizing and innovating,have a passion to work,love colleagues and collective

Job Description:
1.Job vacancy at present: 5-10 People
2.The applicant's main responsibility is for further development in European and American markets,give priority to the United States,Canada,Australia,Britain,Germany and France which currently contribute to our customer orders,then achieve sales target
3.Communicating with foreign customers directly via variety of network communication such as Skype,email or some game platforms
4.Can operate foreign market business independently and be reponsible for pre-sales work in your own region

About Salary:
Regular Period: Basic salary+high commission+top of sale+annual bonus+give a raise at least once or twice per year,the excellent sales person's salary can be up to 120,000CNY or above per year,and the commission has no upper limit.

Other Welfare:
Regular staff over 1 year,we will consider to give u other aspects of welfare appropriately

Working Hours:
From Monday-Friday (9.00am-6.00pm,Lunch Break:12.00-1.30pm)

Interview Address;21/F,Yashang Building 1,No.66 Zhongyi Road,Yuhua District, Changsha,Hunan,China 410004